»Were they nymphs or did they go by another name? Did they more around or did they live permanently in the forests on the Blegos mountain? Did they use thorns, or perhaps bear’s teeth, to comb their hair? At the sound of their singing the people fell silent. They stood still on the riverbanks and in the fields: conversation came to a halt.

There was a song about sowing. The people sowed the seeds. The seeds rested in the soil until the hundredth hour, an than they sprouted. The harvest was bountiful, old rifts were forgotten, harnmony reigned. Sometimes the nyimphs were silent. No singing was to be heard for a long time. But they would always come back.

Sometimes just one, at other times an entire choir would appear. Ursula Ramoves is one of them. Her singing has healing powers. Her music is precise.«