»This time we have received a magical performance, a real thundering-loud secret from ancient colonised, silent and god-forsaken places.We rarely get the opportunity to see the ‘fluent folklore’ in its best. And more, it might be the dialect, which is among the most poetical dialects of Slovenian language, since there are not many uncomfortable encounters with endless harshness of consonants and thus the weeping-one-syllable-over-several-tones.It is also true that the vocals in trio are trained vocals who know where to put the drama in singing so the general understanding won’t suffer as well as the over-all impression and the dramatic effect.They are set in an unmoving chorus who doesn’t care about the rules of the genre- they hardly uttered a sarcastic word as an introduction but have never the less managed to impress the udience with a great deal of stories, rich ideas…«

(Miha I. Zadnikar, Delo)

»Uršula remains the expert of co-posing and exposing unusual duos in the already present multiple-meaning and non-linear poetic events. She easily manages to uplift and add a humourous spirit to the songs with otherwise melancholic or even dark topics… On the other hand a song with a lighter topic which has been decorated with rather serious vocals instantly shows the somewhat difficult and unusual simplicity of each and every moment of life.«

(Mario Batelić, Radio Študent)

»Very special and even prophetic.«

(Jelka Kernev Štrajn, Delo)

»It is this musical minimalism that gives ‘the powerful lyrics’ enough space to breath and to make it work, so you feel ‘shiver down your spine’… And to sum up altogether in a two-word sleng phrase: Pure victory.«

(Viktor Škedelj – Viki, Muska)

»There is no authority which would need justification of the existence or relativization of one’s linguistic irregularity. The language of the Poljanska valley is a sovereign world, non the less worthy than any other of countless languages of the modern Babel.«

(Zdravko Duša, in the preface to the Collection of poems Staroselski ciklus, CZ)

»This, my dear ladies and gentlemen, is a dessert and delicacy!… You should endulge in it, either in a book, or on a CD, or the best way…see it live…«

(Borut Omerzel, Playboy)

»…The music of Uršula Ramoveš is simply to good and too demanding. It should definitely deserve more public attention«

(Darinko Kores Jacks, Večer)